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Certified Doula-giver — An End of Life Doula


An End of Life Doula or Doula-giver is a companion to the dying, offering the patient and their loved ones, support that works in conjunction with Hospice Care, and together we find the very best solutions for care and comfort. Whether it be working with someone who is planning for far in the future, to have in place their special wishes, or for patients whose needs are more immediate. For planning, peace of mind, the remedy of unresolved issues and/or the fulfillment of religious/spiritual customs, a Doula-giver makes all of this less worrisome. Incorporating a Doula-giver into the finale of a love one’s life, allows for more quality time between family members and less time spent on details.

The final phase of life does not need to be a dark, feared journey, let it be a journey of comfort, love and fulfillment.